Thursday, March 6, 2008

First Post...

It's amazing just how fast life can change. One week you're living in North Carolina working for a small design firm, bar tending on the weekends and things are going well and the next you wake up in San Diego where you don't really know anyone, you don't have a job and yet you have a peace that God brought you there for a reason.

Ok - so there's a lot more that took place in between (and since) but this blog is a chance for me to keep people back on the East Coast up to date while trying to manage my new job that's keeping me VERY busy, the ministries I'm involved with at my church and a budding social life with my new So Cal friends.

I'll be traveling quite a bit with the new job and will be sure to post as often as I can.

There will be a few blogs to help bring you up to speed with just how I came to be where I am - doing what I'm doing and then we'll take it from there.

Please feel free to ask questions, make comments and most of all, Enjoy!

In Him,